Note: This page covers Parcel 1, the documentation for Parcel 2 is being worked on here:


Supported extensions: sass, scss


SCSS compilation needs sass (JS version of dart-sass) module. This will be installed automatically the first time you run parcel. It's also possible to install it manually before running parcel.

To install it with npm:

npm install -D sass

To install it with yarn:

yarn add -D sass

It's also strongly recommended to create a .sassrc file and add node_modules as include path to avoid an issue

  "includePaths": ["node_modules"]

This file controls the sass compilation with Parcel. Another thing that can be configured is the output style of the generated CSS by specifying it like so:

  "includePaths": ["node_modules"],
  outputStyle: "nested",


To use sass you can import SCSS files from JavaScript files.

import './custom.scss'

You can also directly include the SCSS file in a HTML file.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./style.scss">

Dependencies in the SCSS files can be used with the @import statements.

Notes: You can also use node-sass module for SCSS compilation. Using node-sass module will give you faster compilation. However, an issue has been reported using node-sass module with Parcel.

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